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The White Wardrobe is an Australian Debutante label that provides unique, classic and quality gowns for our clients. Choosing a debutante gown is one of the biggest decisions to be made when planning your debutante ball and we are here to help you through the process and offer our guidance to make the experience seamless.

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Drawing inspiration from her grandmother, a fashion-enthusiast and trained designer, Tessa, the founder and designer of the brand, aims to cater to the modern woman. Her label showcases the elegant sophistication of Melbourne fashion, with a touch of her signature lace hem, offering a timeless and effortless look for debutantes on their special night. Tessa herself wore one of her designs in 2016, which sparked the idea to turn her passion for design into a business, offering four different debutante gowns and a custom option for a personalized touch.


With a natural inclination towards design, Tessa honed her skills under the tutelage of a close friend and accomplished dressmaker. Running a debutante boutique has been a learning journey for Tessa, and she expresses gratitude to her clients for supporting her in realizing her dream.


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