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Terms and Conditions 

Debutante Dress Hire



Bookings can be made via contacting the White Wardrobe online or in the consultation. A booking has been confirmed when the deposit is placed and terms and conditions agreed on. 

The dress will then be put aside for your deb date, your school is also recorded and no other girls will be able to hire of purchase the same style dress for that date.

Pickup/ Drop off of the dress 

Your dress can be picked up anytime within a week of your deb date. The dress MUST be returned within 7 days of the deb date. This is very important as the dress must be cleaned before it can be rented again and it can be booked for the following weekend. 

Returns after 7 days are considered late. Late returns attract a Late fee of 20% of the hire price per day that the return is late. Late fees will be taken out of the deposit.


The dress is able to be shipped to you or returned via post. We use Australia post tracked shipping. Shipping Cost are $30 for each way. We will include the return address slip in the package for you to send back to us. 

If postage is chosen to return your dress we must inspect the condition of the dress upon it’s arrival to ensure the return of a full deposit.

Damage to hired Items/Lost and Stolen hired Items

We expect our customers to take reasonable care of the hired gown. However, it is possible some damage may occur. For minor damage that is repairable for a cost of less than $100.00, The White Wardrobe will not charge customers. 

However if there has been significant damage to the dress, some examples including: major stress in the material, cigarette holes, rips, tears or holes in the dress, or large stains that are not related to tan this will be considered a major damage .

If the dress gets stolen, lost or ruined the full deposit will be kept by the White Wardrobe. If the gown is returned with significant damage, we reserve the right to withhold the deposit until the damage in-cured has been assessed.

Cancellation Policy 

Rental bookings: the deposit placed is non refundable. If the deb is cancelled or you no longer require the dress you may only obtain a refund if the deposit has been placed within the last 24 hours. 


Dry Cleaning 

The White Wardrobe will dry clean the dress after the hire period. We use experienced dry cleaners that are familiar with the care instructions. Clients agree not to attempt to clean the dress, if the customer attempts to clean the dress and it results in permanent damage, this will be deducted from the deposit. 


Custom Made Dress

Design differences

Because the dress is handmade every dress is unique and has slight design differences. 



Length is one of the most difficult things to perfect on a custom made dress because of the lace hem. We always suggest to clients that you add an extra 2-3cm to your measured height and be willing to wear a different shoe if the gown is slightly too long. This buffer is recommended because girls are still able to grow significant height in a short period and some clients natural body shape will raise the dress slightly on one side and adding this 2cm length will hide that effect.


The straps

Straps are made to the proportions of the measurements taken in the appointment. The standard strap length does raise the dress up to sit higher than when not wearing straps. As we suggest the length that is calculated with your body’s measurements we can not provide advice or suggestions as to how much you would like to add, it is a personal choice.


Time delays

As the dress is being hand made overseas delays can occur.  Mistakes are something we strive to minimize as much as possible however, when made we need to ensure things are fixed correctly  which can delay the process. Because of this we recommend allowing 6-8 weeks for the dress to arrive from the time a deposit is placed 



It is not uncommon for deb girls to have weight/height fluctuations in short periods of time. Therefore, if you believe you may still be growing it's best to compensate for this and +/- centimeters to your current measurements. We am not responsible for an il-fitting dress due to weight/height fluctuations. The measurements of the dress are checked by a dress maker to what was recorded in the initial appointment.   

Change of mind

We do not offer a refund for change of mind. If a client request a hoop/straps, once the deposit has been placed these decisions are final and can not be changed.  



Refunds of the deposit or final payment are not given for change of mind, an ill fitting dress do to height or weight fluctuations, is not the responsibility of the White Wardrobe and is a risk that must be understood by the client before placing the order if there is a considerable wait period,

Purchase of a sample dress


Refunds of the deposit or final payment are not given for change of mind. An ill fitting dress do to height or weight fluctuations,  is not the responsibility of the White Wardrobe and is a risk that must be understood by the client before placing the order if there is a considerable wait period,

Wait time 

There is a chance a sample dress may be booked to hire once before your deb date. In this case you must place a deposit to reserve the dress and then will be able to pick it up once the booked debutante date has passed. The dress will be dry-cleaned. No dress is hired out within a month before the next deb in case of damaged that occur to the dress we have time to fix the issue. 

Reserving the style from other girls 

All clients school details are taken and when a deposit has been placed from a particular school we will no longer be taking clients for that same deb night, If it is the same school however a different night both clients will be informed before any deposit is placed. We also rely on our clients to provide truthful information to avoid disappointment for other girls of the debutante night. 

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